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Nov 24, 2013 6:30pm PST
of god with it and it got me a problem and of the shiite most men's fashion and then sets to love us now united nations report indicates that the thoughtful concocted nation has hit the record high as international force is effectively the country with this and that profits will go to was not still keen for pollard a candidate for president election next year article go to shul for the dubious go for opium and in the gun the stunt is higher than ever. according to a new report with the un office on drugs and crime the two thousand to thirteen he is. then he has witnessed an awesome record opium cooper basin in the sky and stomped on nine thousand texas. as the year of the pirate jokes. reportedly instructed such as high opium prices and the lack of gumbo to go to to tackle the problem. a big shock to explode say is good since the trilogy of foreign troops pulled back ahead of next year's control. as the one stall off because of its overt areas of production the cia to visit with them putting them into balls and into a whim i can say is the ward has a choice to make who needs to make show
Nov 10, 2013 6:30pm PST
to the mediocrity of konkani it's still above the knee and the us government and health. this time would earn from it the main purpose of this is that it is today and experience the finger because it is that the cause of the grid and pressing the work done since he got into the group and was the son of aniston has a long way to ensure democrats in the country and also since the end of the farm estate stock index tenants in the seventy. a good twenty two and a good experience and the agenda and that's why does the big issue on which consists of two to keep up this table which included a visit to the eye caught a cosmic and other significant historical monuments in other that is my first time being with and being good to talk about and it's due. i have to arrive in the book and internet by the trust but to get to see inside and i can't express my feeling is that especially in today's world in this appeal is an aisle from stalin and the unwanted for the war torn country the delegation visiting new delhi for the southeastern conference foe sees a bright future for the walk torn nation. i've stressed t
Nov 3, 2013 6:30pm PST
woman in the distance has defeated the west and on about the green constituted us commit to spending and keep the devotees and those of its european and eyes. before the train teach me to reminisce the united states that in a nice and i still am a benign cyst on his offspring to this end of the economics of which one defense in twenty twelve lbs of meat to realize what a geek will be on some politics but until my idea would be cut for them by intensifying corporation among the crew put on these quantities of nature politics. the article on the irb coach came under attack me on an international compound in kabul where they are taking responsibility for it. a report. but come on the jet flew in by gunfire was he owns one of only of the agents getting into nasty compound in eastern covered on all the big v team security sources say. that the divine has steamed responsibility on the death and he just sent out a statement. get duck started i don't like tea and pinnacle in the wake of the heat it's belonging to foreign forces was adopted by a suicide car bomb. the dust was followed by gunf
Nov 17, 2013 6:30pm PST
minded audience. windmill mingling more the eye. what's up. what a shutout. the saudis out. in the us in three of the un security office has been caught. sun threatens to stop making supplies. and isaiah tendencies and finding signs at the thought of fighting season draws to a close. why there's got to hear unabated in separate box off of august on. recently a motorcycle and eight and that explodes as you walk in the eastern part of the country getting three national security office has added wounding six others. we have a ripple. p of gun nuts that security officers with ian and six others wounded when a more decisive be loaded with explosives hidden in his knees and fifty. of course one over the city the office of the building to the governor confirmed in a statement that the young gun security force members were keen on four hundred wounded. those citizens but also wounded. d i live on the responsibility for the attack play outside. he made statements from the group's spokesman said the lead up with justin the back of the last shot to windows in nearby buildings and done it says th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4